Trever Andrew

CEO & Founder

"Great Day Everyone,

I'm the creator of Sewllkwe Book.

I designed Sewllkwe to end all water issues for all walks of life. We take Sewllkwe serious because water is our way of life."

Award-winning Water Operator

Water Technology, Program Design

Creating solutions with great impact

with low cost and small budgets.

Certified Water & Wastewater Operator

Data trending & analysis, predictive operations, optimization. 

Diploma in Water & Wastewater Technology From Thompson River University.

EOCP Certification in Water Treatment Level 1, Water Distribution 1 & 2, Small Water System and Wastewater System.

20 Years of Experience

Experience in developing and operating

successfully challenging communities with water issues.

Daily operations, compliance, projects coordination

Water & Watersystem operations and management.

Natural resources management.




Victor M. Terry Operator Award 2017

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