My Inside Voice: Water Crisis in 3.5% First Nations Vs. 96.5% Canadians

When you heard about water crisis and bad water quality, it is usually on reserve. How bad it is, it is bad. I have experience it all across the provinces when I traveled across communities and to where I live now. Not much have change today. From 1867: First Prime Minister John A MacDonald, to 1957 Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, to 1980 Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, to the current 2017 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; the Water Quality for First Nations in Canada has not improved, in fact it has become worse. In 1867, First Nations could drink their water. The present day of 2017 equals more and more First Nations can not drink their water. The greater we made mind blowing advancement in w

My Inside Voice: The Elephant in The Room

Why is the Water Hierarchy failing us? Is there evidence that the water hierarchy is failing us? The Water Hierarchy is the structure that is put in place to protect the public from illness and death. The structure consists of: Government, United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO), agencies including Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Health Authorities (i.e. First Nations Health Authority, Interior Health Authority), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Ministry of Health, Education Programs, Professionals such as Engineers, Water Hydrogeologist, Water Managers, Directors, Water Operators, Programmers, and etc..…. We have so many profes

My Inside Voice:The Bridge Between Data Collection and Water

The greatest computer and the most complex programming on this earth, in this Milky Way is the Human Being. The programming to the human body is complex; for example, your breathing, your heart beat, seeing, digesting food, and going to the bathroom you do so effortlessly. What keeps this Human Being alive? Answer: Sewllkwe (Water). Water and Human Being are so sophisticated, such a maze of programming that we can not replicate it today. We can’t make a human being with computers and we cannot make water. On saying that why is that engineers gave us Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) which consist of basic programming: 1 and 0, 1 being on, and 0 meaning Off. SCADA is just like

My Inside Voice: The Why Factor

Great Day Everyone, This week I’m sharing my inside voice which is full of questions: Climate Change is it a political issue or a people issue? Why should you care? Well I can not google that one only you can answer that for yourself. Why is it a political issue? I can not find that answer on google. Why even talk about Climate Change and Water? Any thoughts on this please share and post your comments. What is Climate Change? Is Climate Change Real? Does Climate Cha


You will see I repeat “we are not doing brain surgery” a lot because when it comes to water we should all be experts in the ONLY element that keeps us alive. Are we in denial? Are we scared? Are we really a wake? Are we dreaming? Or do we just not care? I have been watching our planet lose some huge watersheds and no alarm bells. Do we keep thinking these great watersheds are going to magically appear back? You do not have to be a brain surgeon to realize that something is going on with our water on this planet called Earth. In Canada 150 year ago we had so much water, 150 years ago all over world we had enough water for every country. What has happened to all the water in a 150 year? Did th

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