Birth of Sewllkwe

Sewllkwe (water) is our way of life, with this belief we build our program. My way of life all started when..... My life changed in the year 2000 when Walkerton made the headlines: E.coli in the Sewllkwe (Water) 7 people died and more people where sick from the E.coli. I cried when I found out that a young girl had died at the age of 7, it left me in shock in Canada that she died from taking a sip of sewllkwe (water). This young girl died on mother’s day because of E.coli. The reason why it affected me was because my daughter was 4 years old and it is every parent’s worst nightmare. Fear that somehow sewllkwe (water) could take my daughter’s life. I was like how did this happen? Was a human

Launching Sewllkwe Website!

Great Day Everyone, Welcome to our website. It is a new release please enjoy. Welcome to our new web page. I will starting the new blog next week. The blog will be absolutely amazing insight on sewllkwe (water ) stories and tragic and successful stories. I will giving my professional insight on these stories because this what I am trained in. Thank-you for joining us and Sewllkwe will not disappoint you. Enjoy as we share the journey as we walk beside you. Enjoy, Sewllkwe Boy

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Chase BC

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